Penang Beef Curry DF, GF

Penang Beef Curry DF, GF

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A 16 hour, traditional peanut based curry, velvet textured beef with a fennel and lemongrass lift. Packs an unapologetic punch - served with rice.  Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Contains Nuts.

Rice: Place the Bag of rice in boiling water for  4-6 mins or until hot. Or Microwave: Empty Rice into a covered microwave container, cook on high for 3-4 mins or until hot.

Beef Curry: Place the bag in boiling water for 5-7 mins or until hot. Or Microwave - Empty the contents into a covered microwave container, cook on high for 4-5 minutes or until hot, stirring once.

Beef shin, galangal, coconut milk, palm sugar, chilli, salt, peanuts, garlic, lemon grass, eschallot, ginger, tumeric, coriander seed, fresh coriander, cumin seed, pepper, shrimp paste, fennel seed, white sugar

Analyte                                   Per 100g        

Ash                                          1.5 g   

Carbohydrates                        5.3 g               

Energy                                     766 kj             

Fat                                           7.9 g                           

Fatty Acid Profile

Saturated fat                           3.7 g               

Trans fat                                  0.1 g               

Mono-unsaturated fat             3.4 g               

Poly-unsaturated fat               0.7 g               

Sodium (Na)                            265 mg           

Moisture                                  62.7 g             

Protein                                     22.6 g             

Total sugars                           4.6 g